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Phil Brooks 10-23-2011 12:11 PM

Clinch River Railroad in Germany
Last year I became friends with an N-Scale modeler from Germany, Michael Homberg. Michael is a member of the americaN group, which sets up modular layouts using FREEMON standards. They model and operate realistic radio-dispatched OPS based on North American railroad practices. They even operate in English to be more prototypical!

Michael expressed interest in having a German division of my Clinch River operating on the AmericaN modules, so I sent him a set of decals and some photos, and he commissioned a custom painter to replicate two of my RS-2s and a caboose. It is really weird to see Clinch River equipment operating on a layout in Germany!

Here is a link to one of their OPS setups, including two videos as well as lots of photos. Their modeling is top notch!

Michael also told me they were just featured in a German modeling magazine, and the Clinch River equipment was part of the article.

It is MIBA Special Edition No. 90: "Modellbahnen nach US Vorbild"

How crazy is that? :eek:

Hope you guys enjoy the photos and videos...

Take care,


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